Citroën’s Fully Electric LCVs, EV Jobs, Polestar, COP26, Engineer Highlight, Tesla, Autonomous

COP 29

Commitments At The COP Climate Conference Won’t Materialise Without Actual Targets Set Down In Law, T&E

Polestar to car industry at COP26: too little, too slowly

Democracy Now, Louis Wilson (@louisjwilsonuk) @Global_Witness:

“The number of fossil fuel lobbyists at #COP26 is larger than the combined delegations of the eight worst-affected countries by the climate crisis. 503 delegates representing either Fossil Fuels companies or trade associations lobbying for fossil fuels.We don’t allow Tobacco lobbyists into Health conferences, so it begs the question why fossil fuel lobbyists are being allowed into the most important climate conference in a generation.”

Electric Vehicle drivers in England welcome COP26 agreement on more rapid global transport decarbonisation


Autonomous Driving Visionary Dr. Lawrence Burns Joins as Neural Propulsion Systems Executive Advisor


Citroën’s fully electric LCV range arrives in the UK

Hyundai Motor Group announces the formation of Supernal to lead the Group’s progress in Advanced Air Mobility

2026 marks cross-roads for EV skills gap, The Institute Of The Motor Industry

Electric Truck Engineer Highlight

Linda Zhang’s Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck:The Engineer Who Made Electric Vehicles Palatable for the Pickup-Truck Set

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