This EV Fast-Charging Company From The Netherlands Rocks!

Thanks to Karel Beckman of and the enthusiastic crew over at Fastned, I recently got to visit the Fastned headquarters in Amsterdam and interview cofounder Bart Lubbers, as well as other key staff. Don’t know […]

EV Charging In Amsterdam, Holland (Original Videos)

As you may know by now, I went on a little cleantech tour of the Netherlands last month. Spending a few days in Amsterdam, Holland, I got to see dozens of plug-in cars parked and driving […]

BMW & NTU Singapore Ganging Up On Electromobility Challenges

Electric vehicles are the future. Many large auto manufacturers either don’t seem to get it or are simply trying to postpone the future for as long as possible while they make money on their ICE vehicles. […]

Light & Charge — BMW Shows Off New Combined Streetlight & EV Charging Station

A new, combined, state-of-the-art LED streetlight + electric vehicle (EV) charging station known as “Light & Charge” was recently demonstrated for the first time in the UK — following development and pilot testing by the BMW Group. […]