IKEA & Sun Country Charging Team Up

All 12 IKEA stores in Canada will soon have Sun Country Highway electric vehicle (EV) chargers in their parking lots, providing shoppers (and others) with free charging.

Each of the 12 locations will install two 60-amp chargers, according to IKEA, with the installations taking place by the end of August.

IKEA has a long history of supporting cleantech. Perhaps having the deepest green drive of all corporations its size, and most smaller corporations as well, IKEA aims to produce as much clean, renewable energy as it takes to power all of its operations by 2020. Thus, it has installed and is almost continuously installing a tremendous number of solar panels and wind turbines.

ikea-electric-bike-1Beyond its own use of cleantech, however, it is also promoting cleantech to its customers. It sells electric bikes and solar panels in some locations. Furthermore, it has been installing EV charging stations at its stores for years, with this rollout in Canada just another step of many along these lines.

“Charging will be available at no cost to customers on a first-come, first-served basis,” The Star writes.

Of course, that’s all just about IKEA. The other partner in this deal is Sun Country Highway. Sun Country Highway has been pioneering a nationwide EV charging network in Canada (and actually into Europe). Its goals go beyond EV charging, though.

“Sun Country Highway Ltd is a progressive Canadian owned company leading the electric vehicle movement around the world by raising awareness and promoting the adoption of zero emission transportation. Founded by president, Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway was created to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in the world,” the company states. But then it has this as its mission: “To create the most ‘earth-friendly’ countries in the world. Our aim is to empower people to make choices that promote economic and environmental sustainability; we want to help green the world’s highways by fostering a culture shift toward greener living.”

Nice. Partnering with the greenest large corporation on the planet is certainly a good way to move in that direction.

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