$499 For “World’s Most Advanced Home EV Charger”

ChargePoint is a definite leader in the EV charging world. Now, public and workplace EV charging leader is invading your home — or trying to, at least. ChargePoint is offering what a third party it deems to be the “world’s most advanced home EV charger,” simply named ChargePoint Home.

ChargePoint HomeThe home EV charging stations (or EVSE) will be available to buy on Amazon later on in the summer, according to the company, and the price will be $499 to $749. Of course, that is without subsidies, of which there are many available.

What makes this charging station so special? ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano explains: “A Wi-Fi enabled, networked, EV charging station gives drivers freedom by allowing them to remotely start, schedule and set reminders for charging, all through their mobile app.”

I imagine you’re now curious about the price difference ($499 vs $749). ChargePoint explains: “ChargePoint Home’s price varies based on power level, installation type and cord length. The station is available as a 32 amp station that can deliver a maximum of 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH), or a 16 amp station that can deliver a maximum of 12 RPH. Cords are available in 12, 18, and 25 feet. The station can be installed either indoors or outdoors, is available in a plug or hardwired version, and has a universal J1772™ connector that is compatible with all EVs on the road today.”

Naturally, if you already have a ChargePoint account, it will play with your home charger just like it does with public or workplace chargers underneath the ChargePoint umbrella. ChargePoint Home can also connect with the Nest, allowing you to maximize your energy savings.

If you’re into ChargePoint Home, you can now get on a waiting list here: www.chargepoint.com/home

ChargePoint has also previously unveiled the Multi-Family Home Service, for those of us living in condos and apartments who can’t make much use of a ChargePoint Home. And it has just rolled out “Express” DC fast-charging stations.

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