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Donald Trump Reportedly Owns A Tesla

Owing to some recent comments that I heard concerning President-Elect Donald Trump possibly coming down hard on Tesla Motors once he takes office, I figured it was worth posting a note here … Trump apparently owns a Tesla (amongst a great many other cars, no doubt). That assertion stems from the fact that his campaign told the […]

December 31st

Europe Electric Car Sales — BMW i3 #1 Again

This article is also being published on CleanTechnica, the EV Sales blogspot, and our Electric Car Sales page. The European EV market had more than 18,500 registrations last month, 5% down over the same month last year. This sales slip has to do with the incentives-derived sales rush in the last quarter of 2015 in some […]

December 30th

AutoWeek Gives Tesla Model X P90D + Autopilot Good Review

The respected automotive news outlet AutoWeek recently posted a new review of the Tesla Model X P90D — a largely enthusiastic and positive one. The pros (according to the review): A market-leading range, Autopilot, and the extensive nearly unique (in a production vehicle) tech options. The cons: The Model X is expensive, and the exterior design […]

December 27th

Off-Grid Solar-Powered Tesla Superchargers?

Originally published on CleanTechnica. It must be a holiday — Tesla CEO Elon Musk is having fun on Twitter and teasing product updates. One thing readers have been asking about for years is when exactly Tesla’s Supercharger network will be solar powered, and, similarly, how many Tesla Superchargers currently include solar panels. Early on, Elon highlighted that Tesla […]

December 24th

Tesla Model X Christmas Easter Egg, & New Model S & Model X Easter Eggs

Originally published on CleanTechnica. If you have a Tesla Model X and missed Elon Musk’s tweet early this morning (late last night), note that you can now activate a Christmas-related Easter egg — “ModelXmas” — with a few easy steps. Here’s the tweet: To activate the Model X holiday performance, just type holidays or ModelXmas after […]

December 24th

Despite Early Chevy Bolt Love, Steve Wozniak Got A New Tesla Model S

Despite all of the pro-Bolt comments and reporting at the time, it seems that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s enthusiastic test drive of a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV back in September didn’t lead to him purchasing one. Instead, he has gotten a new Tesla Model S. There’s a bit of a catch to that statement, though, […]

December 23rd

Tesla Comes To Spain!

Tesla has now officially launched in Spain. What this means is that those in the country who want to purchase a Model S sedan or a Model X SUV can now do so directly through the company’s online design studio, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession. Accompanying this official launch in the […]

December 2nd

Europe Electric Car Sales — BMW Slides Into #1 YTD

This article is also being published on CleanTechnica, the EV Sales blogspot, and our Electric Car Sales page. The European electric car market had more than 17,000 registrations last month, 1% down compared to October 2015. This sales slip surely has to do with the incentives-derived sales rush in the last quarter of 2015, so expect this […]

November 27th

Tesla Seems To Have Quietly Pulled The Plug On Battery Swap Pilot Program

There was quite a lot of fanfare when Tesla first demonstrated its battery swap technology awhile back, but that doesn’t seem to have translated to the approach being more practical than it is, especially when you consider that Tesla seems to have now shut down the battery swap facility near the Harris Ranch Supercharger in Coalinga, California.

November 16th

Tesla Reorganizes Pricing Structure In Germany For EV Incentives

In keeping with the German auto industry practice of hiding a lot of costs in option lists, Tesla has reportedly “unbundled” many of the features that typically come standard in the Model S, so as to allow the vehicle to qualify for the country’s new plug-in electric vehicle incentives. When they went into effect earlier […]

November 16th

New Gigafactory Flyover Video

New overhead flyover video of the Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory construction site in Sparks, Nevada, has surfaced. The new video — which originates with a pilot who goes by the name of superOOk on the Tesla Motors subreddit — gives us an up-to-date look at the level of progress on the construction of the $5 billion project.

November 16th

Tesla’s Unlimited Free Supercharging Bonus Finally Being Dropped

In a move that’s been seemingly inevitable, and seen coming from a mile away, Tesla has finally decided to nix its unlimited free Supercharger access offer to new vehicle buyers. The change, as expected, doesn’t do away with free Supercharger access completely. Instead, it limits free use to new buyers to 400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year […]

November 8th

Institutional Shareholder Services: Tesla’s SolarCity Acquisition A Good Idea

The prominent advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services has given its recommendation to support Tesla’s $2.3 billion SolarCity acquisition/merger, telling shareholders that Tesla would be able to bridge the funding gap with SolarCity, and also that the acquisition was an important step in the firm’s path to becoming an integrated sustainable energy company. The advisory firm […]

November 7th

Tesla Sport Truck In Development? (#ElonTweets)

Many of our readers have long been desiring a compelling electric pickup truck. When Elon Musk announced earlier this year in Tesla’s 2nd Master Plan that it planned to roll out an electric pickup truck, the crowds went wild. But no real details were provided. On that matter, someone on Twitter by the name of “‪MikeMfknSplain” […]

November 7th