Sandy Munro Shared His Thoughts On Tesla’s AI Day, The NHTSA, & Congress

Sandy Munro has shared his thoughts on Tesla’s AI Day event and how the American government and the NHTSA seem to dismiss Tesla’s achievements. I think that Sandy shared his thoughts beautifully and eloquently, and I agree — our country is going into a direction that is not in its own best interest. In his video, Sandy spoke of three core topics — Tesla, the NHTSA’s investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot, and how Congress is attacking Tesla for its achievements.

Sandy has gotten to experience Tesla’s FSD Beta in action twice, and in both cases, he thought the technology was pretty impressive. He explained that in the car, they were on city street and the car was making 60 and 120 degree turns. He pointed out that this is a big deal.

The car being able to understand this is due to artificial intelligence, a field that many, especially those in Congress and even NHTSA investigators, probably know little about. Munro noted that Tesla’s development of a new computer chip with billions of contact points, announced during AI Day, is amazing and that it defies imagination.

“One chip that Tesla has developed in recent history here could take the place of pretty much any major computer that might have been hanging around in the early 2000s. These advancements are things that’ll save lives — lots of lives.”

The Anti-Tesla Movement

He also described an anti-Tesla movement in US politics.

“In 2018, the U.S. fire departments responded to 212,500 ICE vehicle fires. Five-hundred sixty people died in those fires. That’s in 2018. There were virtually no electric vehicle fires whatsoever and that’s why I wanted to pick 2018.”

He explained that he and Bloomberg’s David Welch found the data backing those numbers up. Watching Munro stand there and explain how dangerous gasoline is made me think of something else that’s unrelated, yet co-related. As with Tesla, there seems to be another movement that focuses on spreading misinformation. Vaccines are an example of this. So is anti-science chatter in general. Today, we have people who would rather drink bleach or take animal medications than get a vaccine.

You may think that these people are stupid, but I don’t. They are being brainwashed by these misinformation campaigns, which are often funded by self-interested groups that have deep pockets. The same thing is happening to Tesla and we are witnessing this now.

Another example of just how far this misinformation campaign against Tesla is going was pointed out by Munro (also by me in another article). As soon as Tesla announced its AI Day event date, the NHTSA announced an investigation into Tesla. And then Congress decided to join in. This is not a coincidence.

“What other car companies out there have got anything close to the self-driving systems that’ll save countless lives? Who else is doing this? The Chinese. So if we continuously go after Tesla and slow them down with congressional investigations, with NHTSA crawling up their butts, what is going to happen? Who is going to pull the United States out of the fire?”

No, they won’t. They are unable to, and Munro pointed out that the other efforts are all crap so far.

“I’ve driven almost every self-driving car or even autopilot car and it’s crap. And they can’t catch up.”

He pointed out that our government is trying to make it an even playing field for the other automakers. It’s not in the best interests of the American people for Tesla to fail, but it is in the best interest of politicians who are paid by these OEMs in campaign donation money.

Go watch Sandy’s full video for more here.

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