Want To Help Tesla Build Its Humanoid AI Bot? Apply

I watched in awe as Elon Musk unveiled plans for Tesla to build a humanoid robot. I admit, the dancing ‘robot’ that came up on stage was hilariously adorable and this reflected Tesla’s fun and entertaining side. Tesla didn’t have a working prototype at AI Day and this actually makes sense. Tesla needs engineers to design it and is actively recruiting.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping Tesla design the humanoid robot, you can apply at Tesla.

Tesla currently has four positions that it is looking to fill on the design team for the humanoid robot:

  1. Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration.
  2. Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design.
  3. Senior Humanoid Mechatronic Robotics Architect.
  4. Senior Humanoid Modeling Robotics Architect.

If the humanoid robot is something that’s not for you but you’d like to help Tesla build the future with AI, there are other options. Tesla’s actively hiring engineers to develop and deploy autonomy at scale in both vehicles and robots.

The company believes that advanced AI for vision and planning, supported by efficient use of inference hardware, is the only way to achieve a solution for its FSD goals.

Along with the Tesla Bot, Tesla is looking for engineers who would work in evaluation infrastructure, code foundations, autonomy algorithms, neural networks, and hardware. Tesla has a dedicated page where you can submit your resume directly.

Click here to visit that page.

Featured image courtesy of Tesla. 

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