While At Tesla’s AI Day Event, I Saw The Future Being Shaped

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand at the forefront of history as it is being shaped before you? Can you imagine what it was like to witness that moment that forever changed the path of humanity — in person? I remember during school I would wonder what it was like to witness historical moments such as the conception of the pyramids of Egypt or see the fire in the eyes of Orville and Wilbur Wright as they stood in defiance of their critics — going on to make history.

Imagine facing those who are totally against you and all that you represent. Imagine witnessing the Wright brothers firsthand prevailing against their hardcore critics, who called them bluffeurs, and dealing with the press at the time berating you through negative articles. This is what the Wright brothers dealt with. But today, thanks to their ingenuity, we have flights all over the world.

Can you imagine what it’s like to witness the world put down an individual and say, “No, you can’t do this?” and see that individual meet the gazes of his hardest-hearted critics with sheer defiance, power, and an unquenchable thirst to prove them wrong, and then proceed to do exactly that?

That moment at Tesla’s AI Day, I witnessed this when Elon Musk stood on that stage and said, “What we want to show today is that Tesla is much more than an electric car company; that we have deep AI activity.” I will never ever forget that moment.

Tesla Is Dramatically Changing The Future Of Technology

Tesla started out as a car company. Today it has morphed into something that cannot be labeled. Even calling it a tech company isn’t enough of a description to describe just what Tesla’s engineers are creating. From a car company, to an energy company, to a tech company, to what Elon described as a group of startups — all of these don’t fully paint the picture of what Tesla is doing.

Critics believe that Elon Musk is a fraud and mock him at every turn — not unlike how Europeans at the time mocked the Wright brothers. And Tesla is just one of Elon’s companies that is changing the future landscape of our planet. For Earth, Tesla will accelerate the transition to sustainability and discard the need and uses of fossil fuels.

For this to happen, things deemed impossible need to happen — and Tesla is making them happen. I’ve shared my thoughts about the AI bot and the Dojo supercomputer in other articles — both of these are necessary for Tesla to achieve its goals. Although Elon Musk noted that the bot isn’t really a key to sustainability, I do think it has a purpose. Whether for fun and entertainment or for educational purposes, Tesla’s AI bot, once created, will have a massive impact on our future.

Witnessing History

As I stepped out of my Uber and walked up to the staff to get checked in, I was greeted by name, with my name being pronounced right. I was recognized by my hair color, but do you know how rare it is for people to actually pronounce my name right?

I was taken to get checked in, given a guest pass, and directed to sit in an area that said reserved. However, I didn’t sit in the reserved seating — I felt that area should have been for more important guests — such as speakers. And I felt extremely nervous. AI is something I am not that familiar with, and I really just wanted to learn and observe. So I sat a couple of rows behind the reserved section. I even had a question for the Q&A, but honestly, I kind of froze up.

I walked around, took a few pictures of the Cybertruck, and really was just in awe that I was even invited. One thing I noticed was that Tesla was adamant about the safety of everyone there. I think I saw more hand sanitizer at Tesla’s headquarters than I’ve seen when shopping at a pharmacy or grocery store. Not even the airports had that many hand sanitizing stations (that I saw).  Everyone was wearing a mask and staying safe.

Once I took my seat and the event started, I could feel a mix of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness in the air. As Elon Musk, Andrej Karpathy, and the engineers each took the stage and gave their presentations, I didn’t just see history, but I saw the passion, dedication, and sheer joy of Tesla’s engineers as they described their work. From giving artificial life to inanimate objects, to creating vehicles that are safer for everyone, to an AI robot thrown in for spice, Tesla is not just reshaping our future — it’s recreating the landscape of every single industry it affects.

After the presentation, Tesla held a selfie stand with the AI robot and took our photos. I thought this was pretty cool. I didn’t get to meet Elon, Andrej, or any of the speakers, but all of the Tesla staff who were there working the event were clearly excited to be there. I could see the passion in their eyes, delight in their voices, and enthusiasm in their body language. It’s clear that they are excited to be doing their part to help Tesla achieve its mission.

How I, A Writer From Louisiana, Felt Standing At The Epicenter Of Innovation

I’m from Shreveport, LA, a town in the northwest corner of Louisiana. I live in Baton Rouge today and am doing well, but most of my childhood and adult life was spent in poverty. Sometimes we didn’t have electricity. Sometimes we were homeless. I had dreams, though — as every child did. I wanted to write, paint, do things that other kids my age would do. I was often told no, it would never happen. We couldn’t afford it. Or teachers would say I wasn’t smart enough.

I had some awesome teachers, but also had some pretty horrible ones. My middle school English teacher believed in me. Yet one of my high school English teachers bullied me for being diagnosed with asthma. She fought to have my emergency inhaler taken away and told me that I would never make it as a writer or anything. I believed her, at the time. I wasn’t a fighter back then. I had to go through my own struggles to discover the fighting spirit that was dormant.

I bring this up because this is where I came from. Going from that to getting to where I am now and then being invited by the world’s leader in AI technology to attend the live presentation was completely awe-inspiring. Tesla literally invited me to come to watch history in the making with my own eyes. For someone whose high school English teacher told her that she would never go far, this shows that we can not listen to our haters no matter how much the words hurt.

As I sat there watching the presentation and history unfold, I felt sheer gratitude for simply being able to witness these moments, which will be recorded in the history books for the next generation. Our world is dark, but without darkness, you can not appreciate the light. Tesla is reshaping our world to be brighter, more hopeful — and it’s unstoppable.

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