Ultra-Fast EV Charging Station Now Up & Running In Beijing

A new ultra-fast electric vehicle charging station, the largest such station in the world, was recently brought online in Beijing, China. The new station — the new Xiaoying Public Transit Bus Terminal in Chaoyang district — […]

ElectriCity Turning Electric Buses In Gothenburg Into Christmas Celebrations

The ongoing ElectriCity electric bus pilot program in Gothenburg, Sweden, has turned some of its buses into Christmas decorations/celebrations of a sort, going by a recent press release. As one can see, the light decorations are […]

Proterra Now Offering Factory Installation Of Mobileye Collision Avoidance System

The noted electric bus manufacturer Proterra will now be offering an option for factory installation of Mobileye’s aftermarket collision avoidance solution, as of 2016 models, according to recent reports. For some background here, Mobileye is the […]

Norways Aims For 100% ZEVs Among New Car Sales By 2025

One of the leading oil suppliers of the world, Norway, is already quite well known for its relatively fast embrace of electric cars, having the highest per capita use and sale of electric cars anywhere in the world. […]