Prototype Electric Bus Goes From Melbourne To Sydney On One Charge

Those living anywhere between the Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney may have had the good fortune of spotting the test run of a new all-electric bus between the two cities over the last few days.

The pilot road test reportedly took place on Saturday, potentially taking the prototype electric bus from Brighsun 1,004 kilometers on a single charge (the officially certified range for the prototype).

Brighsun bus

The prototype was officially unveiled by Brighsun the day before the pilot trip was scheduled to take place, in Yuroke, about an hour north of Melbourne’s CBD. The company showcased some other electric bus prototypes at the event as well.

One Step Off The Grid provides more:

Federal environment minister Greg Hunt attended the launch, and confirmed that the bus was officially certified, to international standards, to drive a huge 1004 km on one charge. The next biggest range our research efforts could find for an electric bus was less than half of that, at about 402 km, in a US model. The buses run on a high performance lithium-ion battery combined with proprietary eMotor, battery management and a regenerative braking system.

Brighsun CEO Allen Saylav, also a director of the Society of Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE), said the technology behind the bus – in development for four years – had evolved from a desire to deliver clean, sustainable public transport options.

“We believe this technology could change the face of public transport around the world and with the use of the eVehicle propulsion system which creates long lasting life in vehicles,” stated Saylav.

According to the CEO, the company is planning to open manufacturing plants for electric buses in other regions of Australia as well. No details are currently available on that count, though.

(A tip of the hat here to “Blue heaven” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for this news.)

4 thoughts on “Prototype Electric Bus Goes From Melbourne To Sydney On One Charge

  1. Well, if we can’t get “1004 km on one charge” from a Car, at least – in a big bus, we have a chance of doing it today! Congrats if they can deliver this and do it consistently! Not sure who – even on a bus – would want to sit through an 8 – 10 hour drive / ride without a break, though!

  2. I want to know how much these things cost before Greater Wellington Regional Council (New Zealand) blows a fat wad of cash on diesel electric hybrids.

    1. Not sure about this particular one, but BYD’s fully electric buses have been shown to be equal to or cheaper than conventional buses on a lifecycle basis on a few different continents.

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