Top 10 EV Obsession Posts of the Week (Volt vs LEAF Electric Miles, Tesla Gigafactory Flying…)

I’m shaking things up here a little bit. Since doing these on Mondays got disrupted, I’m switching to Fridays. Additionally, to give a little bit of a sneak peak, I’m indicating the top posts in parentheses. So, to kick off November, here are the top EV Obsession posts from the past 7 days:

  1. Chevy Volt Drivers Average Nearly As Many Electric Miles As Nissan LEAF Drivers
  2. Gigafactory Update — Quarter 3 Conference Call Reveals New Info
  3. Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Battery Plant Seen Behind The Scenes
  4. Tesla Q4 Plans & Expectations
  5. BMW i3 vs Chevy Volt vs Nissan LEAF (via CleanTechnica)
  6. Prototype Electric Bus Goes From Melbourne To Sydney On One Charge
  7. Elon Musk: Restrictions To Be Placed On Autopilot Feature
  8. 3 Cutting-Edge Automakers That Are Totally Reinventing Their Wheels
  9. Tesla Q3 Results & Numbers
  10. GM Manager: Chevy Committed To 50-State Bolt Rollout At Launch

Bonus (since it is literally 1 view away from tying #10!): No Such Thing As A “No-Compromise Car”

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