Survey: The More Consumers Know About EVs, The More Likely They Are To Want One

The more that someone knows about electric vehicles, the more likely they are to consider buying one, according to a new survey from the Consumer Federation of America.

The survey revealed that roughly 54% of those in the US possess a “positive” opinion of electric vehicles (EVs); that around 33% didn’t care to state an opinion; and that about 13% held a “negative” opinion of EVs. Nearly 31% stated that they would consider purchasing an EV as their next vehicle, it’s worth noting.

Chevy Volt

“While the current market penetration of EVs is small, there are currently 12 automakers currently offering a wide variety of EVs, so these consumers already have choices,” stated Jack Gillis, the Consumer Federation of America’s Director of Public Affairs.

Also worth noting here (as revealed in an email sent to EV Obsession), the survey found that only around 6% of those queried said that they knew a “great deal” about EVs; and that only around 21% stated that they knew a “fair amount.”

“Clearly, there is a tremendous opportunity for EV sellers to take advantage of this interest as long as they engage in the same effective marketing that has moved millions of gas powered vehicles,” stated Mark Cooper, the Consumer Federation of America’s Director of Research. “Our research shows a clear, statistically significant, correlation between knowledge about EVs and positive attitudes towards EVs. The more one knows about EVs, the more positively one feels about these vehicles.”

Going on: “Furthermore, there is a statistically significant correlation between positive attitudes about EVs and a willingness to purchase them — those who feel positively about EVs are more likely to consider purchasing one.”

One thought on “Survey: The More Consumers Know About EVs, The More Likely They Are To Want One

  1. Before SparkEV and fast charging, I had negative view of EV other than Tesla. It didn’t make sense to pay so high a price premium for EV (eg Leaf), awful performance (eg iMiev), and no fast charging makes them “toys” where you need a real car for outside of neighborhood (eg Fiat 500e). But SparkEV changed that with low cost, decent performance, and fast charging.

    If Tesla was the genesis of EV 2.0 for upper end, I think SparkEV could’ve been the genesis for lower end (mid end still not arrived yet). But as usual with GM, they’re throwing away the opportunity that comes knocking at their door.

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