Tesla Founder Series Model X Winner For Europe Is Bjørn Nyland

There are probably a number of those reading this (at least) who are familiar with Bjørn Nyland’s videos on the Tesla Model S. Those that are (and that are appreciative of his openness) will probably be happy to hear that he’s officially going to be receiving a free Founder Series Model X as a result of the initial referral program that ended in October.

For those wondering about the specifics, he was apparently the first person in the world to reach 10 referrals — thus winning the fully loaded Founders Serie Model X (not available for purchase by the general public), as well as a Tesla Powerwall and a ticket to the Gigafactory grand opening party set for the spring of 2016.

That’s got to be nice, right? I think most of you reading this wouldn’t mind getting a free Model X.

Following the above announcement via Twitter, apparently even Elon Musk felt the need to congratulate Nyland — showing once again why he’s pretty much the most personable CEO out there as of right now.

(A tip of the hat here to “Trev Page” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for starting a thread on this. There are some good comments there as well for those interested.)

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