Chevy Volt Sales Pass 100,000 Milestone

More than 100,000 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrids have now been sold to date, following the passing of the new milestone in October, according to recent reports.

The new milestone was actually achieved only just 2 months before the model’s 5-year anniversary. Of course, the newest Volts that are on sale now (the 2016 model years) are actually quite a bit different than the earlier models — following an extensive redesign. While the 2016 model year is not going to see a full nationwide rollout, the 2017 model year is set to be released nationwide next year, and GM has stated it will be rolling the cars out to all markets essentially as fast as it can.


As far as the sales to date, unsurprisingly, the vast majority were in the US — with a fair number in Canada as well. Relatively sparse sales in the European and Australian markets made up the difference.

Here are the specifics coming to us via the site (which is not owned or sponsored by GM):

Counting more than 9,900 rebadged and re-trimmed “Ampera” variants sold under Opel/Vauxhall nameplates in Europe, the tally is actually close to 102,000 following October sales. In this count are 84,656 Chevy Volts delivered in the US and 5,023 in Canada through October, plus through September are counted with help by sales tracker Mario R Duran around 1,750 European market Chevy Volts and 245 Holden Volts in Australia.

Among top European countries which absorbed the car, the Netherlands accounted for 52% of sales, or 4,976 Amperas and 1,065 Volts. Germany bought 1,539 Amperas and 73 Volts, and the UK took 1,250 Amperas and 124 Volts through June. The best two US sales years for the Volt at 23,000-and-change each were 2012 and 2013.

With the upcoming nationwide release of the 2017 model year of the popular plug-in hybrid, presumably, sales will see a large uptick. Many potential buyers have no doubt been holding off on a purchase until the revamp was complete.

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  1. Are they concerned about Federal EV tax credit expiring after 200,000 cars? While Volt is nice, I think EV tax credit should go towards BEV like SparkEV and the upcoming Bolt rather than gas fume spreaders.

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