Tesla Model X Sold Out Till 2H 2016

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A month or so ago, I did the math and estimated that new Model X reservations would theoretically be delivered in June 2016. However, the website said “early 2016.” I figured Tesla just hadn’t updated the text on the Model X page in a while, but given that reservation data is complicated and no fully public, I wondered if I was missing something. So, I posted about this on the Tesla Motors Club forum for feedback.

People basically agreed that June was a good guess and Tesla either had been slow updating the text or, you know, considered June “early 2016” — Tesla’s perception of time does seem to be a bit different than convention.

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Well, it seems that all is in order now, as the website now states, “The delivery estimate for new reservations is the second half of 2016.”

I assume reservations haven’t changed a great deal, and they probably just grew to such an extent that new deliveries pushed into July. However, another possibility is that production delays are pushing deliveries off further. It’s well known that Tesla is facing some sort of supplier challenges, particularly related to the second-row seats. Of course, how serious those challenges are and whether or not they come into play here is unknown to pretty much everyone outside of Tesla, and heck, even Elon may not have a sense of how things will progress on that front. It very much seemed up in the air during the last quarterly conference call.

Anyway, though, if you’re looking to get a Tesla Model X, note that you’d be wise to reserve one now if you want it to arrive next summer.

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