Model X P90D Range Now Up To 250 Miles

Information from Tesla regarding the Tesla Model X has been slowly leaking out via updates from Signature reservation holders who have been asked to configure their orders. Additionally, some of this information has changed in the past few weeks.

One thing that has changed in the design studio for Signature reservation holders has been the range of the Model X. It was initially indicated to be 240 miles, but that recently jumped to 250 miles.

Tesla Model X Range

As I noted yesterday, the Tesla Model X P90D is now eligible for HOV lane access on California’s highways, and it will reportedly be eligible for the $2,500 California EV rebate by the end of the week.

Only the 90D and P90D are listed at the moment, though, so it’s not yet clear if Tesla will be offering Model X SUVs with smaller battery sizes. It seems inevitable — otherwise, Tesla will be pricing a lot of people out of the market — but you never know.

Also worth noting is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that the X will be about $5,000 more than the Model S with all the same options…. but that doesn’t mean the X will have the 70 kWh battery option.
In any case, we should have a lot more details in one week, as Tesla will be holding an unveiling event on September 29 at the former Solyndra facility that it recently took over.

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