India’s first fleet of electric boats to achieve zero emissions with Siemens Energy’s technologies

Electric propulsion drive train and automation technologies will help provide safe, cost-effective, reliable vessel operation Emissions-free energy storage systems provide continuous power while maximizing performance Innovative technologies will help establish an integrated mobility system for the […]

Electric Boats: 6x Powerboat World Champion, Erik Stark Takes off is Worlds First Electric Foiling Boat (Videos)

“First ELECTRIC BOATS WITH REAL RANGE” How do you massively increase the efficiency of a boat? You fly. By bringing together some of the world’s brightest researchers and engineers, Candela has redefined what a boat is. […]

Evoy Offers the World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard System

Evoy is joining forces with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø Marine to develop the world’s strongest 100% electric outboard motor that will be available on the market from 1st Quarter 2021. The outboard motor is expected to perform at 150 HP […]