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Image Courtesy of Siemens Image credit courtesy the related story: First electrical car ferry in the world in operation in Norway now, courtesy of Siemens


India’s first fleet of electric boats to achieve zero emissions with Siemens Energy’s technologies

  • Electric propulsion drive train and automation technologies will help provide safe, cost-effective, reliable vessel operation
  • Emissions-free energy storage systems provide continuous power while maximizing performance
  • Innovative technologies will help establish an integrated mobility system for the people, goods, and services in Kochi

India’s first greenfield and largest shipbuilding yard, Cochin Shipyard Ltd., has selected Siemens Energy to provide advanced marine solutions for the country’s first fleet of 23 boats to be equipped with electric propulsion drive trains with energy storage integration (batteries) and vessel automation technologies. 

Cochin Shipyard Ltd. is building the fleet to strengthen Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.’s (KMRL) infrastructure and its connectivity to islands around Kochi / Ernakulam.

The combination of the electric propulsion drive train, energy storage, and automation systems will significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase maneuverability, and provide reliable, uninterrupted power supply while ensuring safe, cost-effective operation of the vessels.

“The project showcases our commitment towards decarbonization and environment sustainability,” said Thorbjoern Fors, Executive Vice President for Siemens Energy Industrial Applications. “Furthermore, the low emission footprint of the vessels makes it an ideal benchmark for other customers looking to use inland waterways to transport goods and passengers.”

Press courtesy of Siemens Energy

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Image credit courtesy the related story: First electrical car ferry in the world in operation in Norway now, courtesy of Siemens 

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