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Long-Distance Travel Needs For EVs In Top 100 US Metropolitan Areas Could Be Met With Just 408 High-Power DC Charging Stations

Long-distance travel needs for electric vehicles in the top 100 US metropolitan areas could be met with just 408 direct current (DC) fast-charging stations, according to a new report from Navigant Research. The report provides a compressive overview of the locations where DC electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations would be best situated in the case […]

June 26th

BMW & Nissan Partnering For EV Fast Charging Station Deployment

Two of the top electric vehicle manufacturers out there currently, Nissan and BMW, have partnered to further develop charging infrastructure in the US, according to a recent press release. The partnership has already partnered on 120 new dual-port 50-kilowatt (kW) DC fast-charging stations, implemented in 19 different states. All of these are Greenlots-networked charging stations featuring both […]

December 22nd

Biggest Multi-Standard Public EV Fast Charging Station In The US Opens In Fremont, California

The biggest multi-standard public electric vehicle fast-charging station in the US just opened in Fremont, California. The new EVgo Freedom Station — the 100th in California — is located at 5000 Mowry Ave at a Lucky supermarket. The new station is home to four 50 kilowatt (kW) DC Fast Chargers capable of all functioning at once — […]

December 12th

Fastned Partnering With The Hague To Develop 5 New EV Fast-Charging Stations

The Hague will soon be home to 5 new electric vehicle fast-charging stations, following the announcement of a new partnership with Fastned, according to an email sent to EV Obsession. The partnership will see the 5 new electric vehicle (EV) stations installed sometime in 2016. Fastned reportedly intends to follow this installation with others in other […]

November 30th

Electric Car Charging 101 — Types of Charging, Charging Networks, Apps, & More!

There’s no doubt about it — electric car charging is different from fueling a car with gasoline. On the whole, it’s much more convenient to charge an electric car — you get home, you spend 2–3 seconds plugging in, you go on with your day or night, and you spend 2–3 seconds unplugging when you are […]

September 10th

Bosch Brings New DC Fast Charger To USA

The Bosch Power DCPlus DC fast-charger will soon be available in the North American market for less than $10,000, according to recent reports. The 24 kW (kilowatt) Bosch Power DCPlus system (featuring the SAE J1772 DC Combo connector) will allow properly outfitted electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) to very rapidly bring their battery […]

July 13th