Detroit Smart Parking Lab Opens In September For Real-World Automated & EV Charging Testing

Detroit Smart Parking Lab opens in September for real-world automated and EV charging testing | Ford Media Center create lab; Enterprise to conduct first lab project and American Center for Mobility to run daily operations Detroit Smart […]

From Caravans to Sports cars: Bosch Extends the Electrical Car’s Repertoire

Continuously variable transmission (CVT) improves efficiency and performance Smaller battery or greater range thanks to CVT More torque when towing and driving off-road Faster acceleration and higher maximum speeds Continuously variable shifting for optimum comfort and […]

CVT4EV from Bosch makes Electric Powertrain suitable for a wide variety of applications

Continuously variable push belt transmission specially designed for electric vehicles CVT4EV helps electric vehicles meet performance requirements for a wider audience Faster acceleration, higher top speeds and more wheel torque for towing and off-road performance Lower […]

Borgward Forms Long-Term Strategic Partnership With SAP, LG Electronics, & Bosch; Support For EV & PHEV Plans

The German automaker Borgward Group has entered into a new long-term strategic partnership with SAP, LG Electronics, and Bosch — with the intent of supporting its plans to launch various electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle offerings […]

Bosch Shows Off Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries At Frankfurt Motor Show, Claims Production Ready In 5 Years

Bosch has been showing off its current solid-state, lithium-ion battery concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, according to recent reports, claiming that the new solid-state battery cells could double energy density, while actually lowering costs, not […]

Bosch Claims New Heat Pump Thermal Management System For EVs Can Boost Effective Range By Up To 25%

Bosch will be unveiling a new heat-pump-based thermal management system designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) that the company claims can boost effective range by up to 25% (without any changes to the battery) at IAA […]