From Caravans to Sports cars: Bosch Extends the Electrical Car’s Repertoire

Continuously variable transmission (CVT) improves efficiency and performance Smaller battery or greater range thanks to CVT More torque when towing and driving off-road Faster acceleration and higher maximum speeds Continuously variable shifting for optimum comfort and […]

CVT4EV from Bosch makes Electric Powertrain suitable for a wide variety of applications

Continuously variable push belt transmission specially designed for electric vehicles CVT4EV helps electric vehicles meet performance requirements for a wider audience Faster acceleration, higher top speeds and more wheel torque for towing and off-road performance Lower […]

Bosch Pools its Software & Electronics Expertise in One Division with 17,000 Associates

Future fields of mobility A single source for software-intensive systems for future vehicle architectures New Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division with 17,000 associates Market for software-intensive electronic systems to grow by some 15 percent annually Annual expenditure […]