Borgward Forms Long-Term Strategic Partnership With SAP, LG Electronics, & Bosch; Support For EV & PHEV Plans

The German automaker Borgward Group has entered into a new long-term strategic partnership with SAP, LG Electronics, and Bosch — with the intent of supporting its plans to launch various electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle offerings in the European market — according to recent reports.

The new agreements are related primarily to the technologies that will be used in the planned all-electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models.


With regard to the strategic partnership with LG Electronics — Borgward will be aided by the Korean company in the development and manufacture of high-performance lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries; as well as the manufacture of other components, such as electric air conditioning compressors.

The partnership with SAP will see Borgward supplied with software for various purposes — production, sales, R&D, operations, services, etc. The partnership with Bosch will see Borgward aided in the development of an electric drive-train — as well as the supply of various other systems and components.

Green Car Congress provides some background:

The original company was established just after World War I by Carl FW Borgward as (a) radiator producer. Its first commercial vehicle, introduced in 1924, was the Blitzkarren (“Lightning Cart”). By the 1950s, Borgward had become the third largest automotive manufacturer in Germany, and pioneer of the affordable “premium” sedan.

The Group’s line-up included small and medium-sized cars, as well as light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Among the company’s biggest successes were the Hansa 1500, the P 100, and the Isabella. Christian Borgward, grandson of company founder Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward, brought the company back in 2015.

Chairman and Global CEO of Borgward Group AG, Ulrich Walker, says that the new company is working off of a B-G-W strategy: “BORGWARD brand heritage”, “German engineering” and “Worldwide footprint”. Walker has said that in the medium term, the company wants to be selling more than 500,000 units a year worldwide.

That said, the company appears to be focusing manufacturing on China — with a production facility opened in Beijing only just recently. That facility has an annual production capacity of 160,000 units — but this can be upgraded to 360,000 units a year, reportedly.

The company is planning to launch its BX7 plug-in hybrid SUV at the Beijing Motor Show.

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