Little smart electric drive Is Electric King In Italy (February 2014 Electric Car Sales)

Following up on the Germany electric car sales update, I’m moving on to Italy. Italy is a much smaller market at this point. Germany had 544 plug-in car sales in February, while Italy had only 67. So, I won’t spend as much time on it.

The German smart electric drive very solidly took the Gold, followed by the world-leading Nissan Leaf and then the BMW i3 and Renault Zoe (tie). The remaining electric car purchases can be counted on two hands.

If you prefer static images for some reason, below are Italy’s February EV sales and YTD EV sales in static format. If you decide to use it elsewhere, please provide credit and a link back to EV Obsession.

Italy EV sales Feb 2014

2014 Italy EV Sales YTD Feb

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