BMW i3 Takes Crown In Spain (February 2014 Electric Car Sales Report)

Again, like Italy, Spain isn’t exactly blowing up in electric car sales. But as they say: you have to start somewhere. As in Germany, the BMW i3 has jumped to the top of the tables in Spain.

Two much smaller electric cars, the smart electric drive and Renault Twizy tie for second (with a whopping 6 sales each).

The Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S then round out all sales with 3 and 1, respectively….

Here are static images if you prefer them over interactive ones (and feel free to republish as long as you provide credit + a link to EV Obsession):

Spain EV Sales Feb 2014 YTD Spain EV Sales Feb 2014

5 thoughts on “BMW i3 Takes Crown In Spain (February 2014 Electric Car Sales Report)

  1. These sales volumes are pathetic. My local Nissan dealer sells 3X that many Leafs every month. Geez…

    1. Sorry let me clarify, my local Nissan dealer sells 2 times as many Leaf AS ALL EV MODELS COMBINED in Spain.

    2. Ha, yeah. I’m curious to look into the incentive system there. When I was there in November, I was told there was a 5000 euro incentive or smth like that, but think the person must have been wrong or the incentive must be gone. These are crazy low numbers. Considered not even doing this for Spain and Italy any more, but figure that it will be useful for comparison in the future when sales finally pick up.

  2. Bears out what I said about the off-putting bulkiness of the model S. The i3 would have appealed to Gaudi more.

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