BMW i3 Dominates Germany Electric Cars Sales In February, Inches Below VW e-Up! YTD

Not surprisingly, the homegrown BMW i3 took the top spot in German electric car sales in February. It surged above its distant cousin, the Volkswagen e-Up!, but remains a handful of sales below the e-Up! in total 2014 sales.

Another German-based car, the 2013-leading and January-leading smart electric drive, grabbed third place in February.

The Tesla Model S and Renault Zoe round out the top 5, and the Nissan Leaf comes in 6th, in one of its worst country performances — clearly, the Germans prefer their own brands over the world-leading Nissan Leaf. It’s actually the Model S and Zoe that climbed above the Leaf this month. Though, I’d bet that i3 and e-Up! sales are cutting into Nissan’s pie piece. In 2013, the Leaf was #3, behind the smart electric drive and Renault Zoe.

Keep your eyes peeled. Several more country-specific electric car sales updates are coming today on EV Obsession. Updates from Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Canada are on the way.

In case you prefer static images, here are a couple of screenshots of Germany’s February electric car sales and YTD electric car sales (and feel free to republish as long as you provide credit + a link to EV Obsession):

Germany EV sales Feb 2014

2014 Germany EV Sales YTD Feb

4 thoughts on “BMW i3 Dominates Germany Electric Cars Sales In February, Inches Below VW e-Up! YTD

  1. Living in the Düsseldorf, Germany area, I find it interesting that I have seen very, very few EVs or even PHEVs. Considering commuting habits of Germans, EVs would make almost perfect sense. I have seen a few Opel Amperas (which is amazing vis-a-vis the statistic here), but typically with Dutch plates.

    1. Thanks for the commentary. Would make excellent commuter cars for Germans, imho. Think Germany will see strong growth this year with the BMW i3 and 2 or 3 VW models hitting the roads. We’ll see.

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