Electric Vehicle Survey Reminder

If you, like me, are a “wannabe” EV owner, here’s one last reminder to complete the survey below. You can also click this link and complete it there. In either case, be sure to click “Done” when you complete it.

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For those eager for more information about this survey, the plan is to both write short articles about some of the highlights and also create a full report on these results. Actually, the report will also include the results of at least two previous surveys (the EV owner/lessee one and the campground one). The report will be free thanks to sponsorship from EV-related partners.

As many of you know very well, I’m convinced that electric vehicles are the future of transport. Actually, I’m convinced EVs currently on the market are already better options for hundreds of millions of people than similarly priced gasmobiles. But awareness is super low, experience is minuscule, and breaking down sociopsychological barriers that come from outdated, habitual concepts is anything but easy. So, the question is, what will work best?

Also, the electric offerings very certainly do need to (and will) improve. When it comes to the next wave of electric car buyers and lessees, questions this survey aims to answer relate to what we are looking for. What will get the next wave of buyers to dive in? What will make us drop a few dozen grand (or at least a few grand) on a fast metal and plastic box? How can an automaker win us over when dozens of electric vehicle options are on the market? For those in the EV industry but not working on the production of electric cars, what can be done to speed up the electric revolution?

These are some of the broader questions we’re looking to answer. So, chime in to help us do so!

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