Electric Nissan Sway Would Be Freakin’ Awesome (23 Pictures)

At the Geneva Motor Show this week, Nissan unveiled a concept car called the Nissan Sway. It’s small (a “compact hatchback”), but it looks super hot, sporty, fun, and practical.

As a concept car, it’s full of neat features that would never make it into production, but if something similar to this hits the market, that would be cool… and it would be freakin’ awesome if an electric Nissan Sway was around the corner.

Nissan Sway Electric

Nissan Sway Electric Car

GM shot the fireworks for the EV revolution this year when it unveiled the Chevy Bolt, a long-range and affordable all-electric car, and subsequently announced it would indeed produce the car and would actually start doing so in 2016, earlier than initially announced. Tesla has long been planning the Model 3, which will also be long-range and affordable. While Volkswagen & Nissan have talked up a near future of long-range, affordable, all-electric cars, neither has unveiled anything.

That’s a long intro to say: many of us are eagerly awaiting some hot electric car news from Nissan. If it has something up its sleeve, I imagine it is holding off as long as possible to keep from killing good Nissan LEAF sales. But if it does have something big planned (of course it does), I think it would be awesome if it were an electric Sway (with a different name, cause that name sucks).


Some key reasons why the Sway would be an excellent car to make electric include: 1) it’s hot (we need more hot electric cars), and 2) its small size could help the range and sticker price. So, Nissan, just do it.

“With this new concept car for Geneva, we are experimenting to see how Nissan might be able to bring fresh ideas to the compact hatchback segment,” said Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Nissan Motor Corporation. I’ll tell you a fresh idea: electricity. And you know it, as Nissan is one of the most bullish companies about the EV revolution. But 2010 is long over, and it’s time for Nissan to start branching out, especially with hot models like this.

2 thoughts on “Electric Nissan Sway Would Be Freakin’ Awesome (23 Pictures)

  1. I’m not crazy about the (center) nose but it wouldn’t be enough to ‘Sway’ me (away) from buying an all-electric version. Yea, the name is not good. The interior is very nice. The two-tone effect is very nice. I’ll take it!

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