Awesome Pics of Elon Musk & Tesla Motors Board at Gigafactory

So, I should have checked Steve Jurvetson’s flickr account before publishing last night’s story. Apparently, the photos from the Tesla Gigafactory that I discussed were not copyrighted by Steve but published under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0, to be exact). Following up on the pictures from Kimbal Musk that I shared last night, here are Steve’s (followed by a few more notes):

Elon Musk Looking Cooler than an Ice Cream Cone

Elon Musk aviator glasses

Tesla Motors Club Forum Moderator TEG Brings a Comparison from a Movie You may Remember

Elon Musk Comparison

Elon Musk terminator

Steve Jurvetson Himself

Steve Jurvetson

The Man with the Plans, JB Straubel

JB Straubel Gigafactory

On the Roof

JB Straubel and Steve roof of Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Motors Starting Lineup

Tesla Motors Club Board

Tesla Motors Club Roof

Elon Musk reportedly says that current build of the Gigafactory is about 20% of its full size… holy cow, that thing is going to be big! We knew it was going to be big, but now it looks even more impressive.

Other little things that came from these pictures, or comments on the TMC forum thread where they were also shared:

  • These guys really look like really nice, grown-up nerds (which I absolutely love).
  • Kimbal is quite tall. (Never realized that.)
  • Tesla seems to have a handy little portable Supercharger on site.
  • The off-road vehicles Tesla’s using (just until the Model X is ready, I presume) come from GM/Chevrolet… and the license plate of one is 767-APL… I’m going to avoid wild speculation and say that relates to Apple 😉 😀

Thanks to Steve for sharing.

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