Kimbal Musk, Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk, JB Straubel, Tesla Board Visit Tesla Gigafactory (Pics)

Update with Steve Jurvetson’s pictures here: Awesome Pics of Elon Musk & Tesla Motors Board at Gigafactory

A member of the Tesla Motors Club Forum noticed yesterday (or very early today) that Steve Jurvetson (a major investor and now shareholder in Tesla) just yesterday posted a bunch of photos from a recent tour of the Tesla Gigafactory over on a little site called Facebook. Other notables on the tour included Kimbal Musk (Elon’s brother), JB Straubel (Tesla Motors CTO & co-founder), Mr Elon Musk himself… oh yeah, and the entire rest of the Tesla Motors board. One of the photos was a group shot of the board.

As much as I would like to share the photos with you here, the Tesla Motors Club Forum member who posted about this and shared them (dbfish) noted that the photos were copyrighted by Steve Jurvetson. Furthermore, the photos have been removed from Steve’s Facebook page (or are no longer publicly visible), which makes me think Steve or someone important from Tesla doesn’t want them shared around. Despite the great temptation (and having the photos very quietly sitting on my desktop), I’ve decided not to breach the copyright, Steve’s wishes, and (presumably) Tesla’s wishes.

However, Kimbal also shared a few pics from the tour on his Instagram account, and my understanding is that I can share those, so…

Kimbal Musk GIgafactory Model
Tesla Gigafactory model
Tesla Gigafactory Kimbal Musk
Tesla Gigafactory Phase 1 = 1.7MM square feet.
Tesla Gigafactory roof Kimbal Musk
Roof of the Tesla Gigafactory… a lot of roof….
Tesla Gigafactory from a distance
Tesla Gigafactory, cowboy angle.

Honestly, the other pictures were much more interesting in some respects, as they included close-ups of Elon, JB, Steve, Kimbal, and the Gigafactory. But what can you do?

Though, there is a little bit more to say from a Tesla stalker’s perspective. Well, not much more, but Elon looks wicked cool in aviator sunglasses, and the “Electric Avenue” street sign is already up.

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