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In case you’ve been so overwhelmed with the Tesla Model 3 unveiling and reservation news that you’ve lost your mind, here’s one last reminder that we are launching our CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR in Berlin tomorrow (Saturday, April 9).

You can get tickets here (can only pay with PayPal) or here (can pay with PayPal or credit card).

World-class presenters are arriving in Berlin today from Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and… of, course, Germany.

CleanTech RevolutionI’ll also be trialling some cleantech & climate standup comedy, and I’ll be more than happy to chat with anyone interested about the Tesla Model 3 (which I spent ~2 hours filming), Tesla Model X (which I just test drove… with autopilot!), and anything else concerning EVs or renewable energy.

On the EV side, we’ll have Julian Cox providing a deep dive on battery technology (he is one of the best people in the world for this) and the EV-Volumes team providing a history of EV sales. We’ll also have presentations on how you can advance EV adoption via the government, and presentations on neat EV startups such as Vilgard, PlugSurfing, and blitzzcar. And I will provide an overview of the EV industry and what consumers want today. However, I think the sessions that will be most interesting to me will be the panel on Manufacturer Targets & Trends and the ideas roundtable.

On the solar side, we’ll have overviews on the German and global solar industries from the highly esteemed Craig Morris, how to advancing solar in your city & country via world-leading influencer Stefan Schurig, a solar cost deep dive via yours truly (Tobias got pulled away by personal/family matters), and another fun panel discussion.

An updated program can be found here.

If you are a true EV Obsession fan and made it all the way to the bottom of this article, here’s one special surprise for you: you can get 100% off the registration on the eventbrite registration page using this code: cleantech100

If you happen to have trouble with that code, use: cleantechtour00

Hope to see you soon! I’m off to catch a bus to Berlin.

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