City Of Leipzig Takes Delivery Of 50 BMW i3s

The city of Leipzig in Germany recently took delivery of a new 50-strong fleet of BMW i3s, to be used by city council and municipal waterworks employees, amongst others, according to a recent press release.

The fleet delivery was personally attended by the city’s mayor, Burkhard Jung; as well as the head the BMW Group’s production facility in the city, Hans-Peter Kemser; and also the head of BMW Direct Sales Germany, Alexander Thorwirth. The terms of the recent accompanying agreement will see the city of Leipzig lease the 50 BMW i3s for a period of 2 years.


The Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, commented (in German, so this is via an online translation tool): “BMW is building in Leipzig on the mobility of the future. Electromobility is quiet, clean and environmentally friendly. Especially for us, in a growing city, we need a new understanding of mobility. During transport of the future there will no longer be called to get a transport from here to there. The question will be: Which way do I need what means? And an electric car like the BMW i3 is an important component.”

BMw i3

The head of BMW Direct Sales Germany, Alexander Thorwirth, commented as well: “With the acquisition of 50 cars the city of Leipzig is a pioneer for the exemplary use of electric vehicles for routine routes in urban environments. The BMW i3 is therefore an ideal offer for the needs of the city. With the BMW i3 and BMW alphabet creates a customized offer. We hope that many cities follow the example of Leipzig.”

3 thoughts on “City Of Leipzig Takes Delivery Of 50 BMW i3s

  1. Wonderful news. Many governments and corporations can operate on a partial EV fleet without any hardship. Many official vehicles do not have to travel far every day. Think of it as clean air with no compromise!

  2. In the transportation chapter of my latest book, L’ impossi preneurs: A Hopeful Journey Through Tomorrow, I talk about personal transport pods. Having options like that and access to an electric car like the BMW i3 is an important component in a more sustainable future. It is good to see that the city of Leipzig feels the same way.

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