Production Tesla Model X Reservations Now Receiving VINs

Tesla has begun issuing VIN numbers for production-version Model X reservation holders (rather than the initial Founders and Signature Series reservation holders), according to recent reports. “Recent reports” in this case is referring to a flurry of activity on the online forums hosting discussions on the Model X.

In particular, the Tesla Motors Club forum saw a number of commentators confirm that they have now received the VIN number for their production reservations. The news is yet another sign that things are beginning to move forward…. Though, the wait for most reservation holders is no doubt still “excruciating.” (Yeah, I know that I’m exaggerating. But still, I’m sure that the impatience is building.)

Signature Tesla Model X Signature Red 2

Some interesting points concerning potential delivery dates compared to order dates were also made in the Tesla Motors Club discussion and seem worth highlighting. Here they are:

ptsagcy” commented:

Vin#’s seem to have a direct relationship to the CONFIRM date and whether “P” or not. Now what that means in terms of a delivery date is anybody’s guess

***Update*** (well, not really) – just spoke to my DS after asking him the significance of vin vs. delivery and got a non-committal answer “It means you’ll likely be one of the first to hear from me”. About what I expected at this very early date.

“DaveWaterloo” added a comment and question regarding non-US reservations: “I have ~#378 non-sig in Canada. Don’t know if it is another sequence in Canada. Anyone know?”

And “Out4aDuck” replied:

Dave, Each of these groups has their own sequence number range.
These were the reservation totals as of Sep 29, when sequential numbering ceased.
USA Sig — 1,436
Canada Sig — 71
Europe Sig — 592
USA — 21,282
Canada — 1,378
Europe — 4,416
China — 2,632
Hong Kong — 844
Australia — 98

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