Tesla’s Exclusion From The UAW White House EV Ceremony Made For Great Advertising For Tesla

In a move that was supposed to show unity between American automakers, our political leaders, and a promise to create a cleaner future, the world’s leading electric auto manufacturer, Tesla, was excluded from taking part. The […]

Daimler Doesn’t Agree With Tesla & VW About Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Daimler disagreed with Tesla and VW’s view on batteries being the best way to transition to a more sustainable future. Bloomberg reported that the Daimler Truck’s chief executive officer, Martin Daum, expects hydrogen-powered semi-trucks to play […]

Opinion: Consumer Reports Had To Cheat To Prove Tesla’s Autopilot Can Drive Without A Driver.

Consumer Reports recently “found” that a Tesla can drive with Autopilot enabled without a driver. I have some thoughts on these findings. Quick disclaimer: I am a Tesla shareholder — I own 4 shares — and […]