Tesla Opens A New Store In Sevilla, Spain

Club Tesla España’s Aland Bru shared some exciting news on Twitter, and then shared more with me. The news is that Tesla just opened up a new store in Sevilla, Spain. The Tesla Club shared its congratulations for Tesla’s team as well as Europe as a whole and Spain more specifically, and added this message for Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk: “We are waiting for you soon in Spain.”

Aland shared his thoughts about the news with me through a Twitter direct message. He pointed out that Tesla bet strongly on Spain and shared how proud he was of the growing community.

“Tesla is becoming more important for Spain every day. It bet very strongly on my country and this is giving its results, a solid base on which to grow. I am very proud of the great community that is getting bigger every day and also of the team of the company in Spain. We are a great family advancing on the best path.”

The Sevilla Service Center will be Spain’s 5th one. There are two others coming soon — Bilbao and Malaga.

Featured image courtesy of Aland Bru, used with permission.

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