Elon Musk Will Be A Special Guest Of Italian Tech Week In Turin This Fall

Tesla’s Elon Musk will be a special guest alongside John Elkann (Exor, Ferarri, and Stellantis) to talk about how technology can shape our future, reported Republicca.it. The event will take place on September 23 and 24 in Turin and the article emphasized that the special guest is “the most visionary engineer of our days, Elon Musk.”

The event will unite the brightest minds of the tech world in hopes of inspiring and empowering anyone who “believes in a future where technology and innovation expand human possibilities.” Gedi Media Group, through its newly launched content hub on technology Italian Tech, is supporting the event.

On the first day, the focus will be on the Italian ecosystem as well as the international community with several speakers. On the second day, the focus will be more on innovative corporate trends. There will be events dedicated to technological trends as well as in-depth sessions that are focused on the details of specific industries.

The conference is invite only due to the Covid-19 restrictions and only 500 people will be invited with a few lucky followers of Italian Tech Weeks social media. There will be a livestream on two major national media platforms: larepubblica.it and lastampa.it.

The venue will also host an exhibition area allowing attendees to test tech consumer gadgets and pioneering tech experiences. Will Elon bring the Cybertruck or the Plaid Model S there? If you’d like to keep up with the event, you can follow their Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages.

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