Tesla Owners In California Held Their 1st Annual Meetup Last Month

Tesla owners in California achieved something historic last month. They held a Tesla takeover event and Tesla clubs from all over California took part. On their event page, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley wrote,

“We are smitten by Tesla. We drive Tesla’s knowing they are the cleanest, coolest, and safest cars in the world. And we can’t contain this joy to ourselves, which is why we are gathering together on Saturday, July 17 in San Luis Obispo for a unique event.”

I know we are a little late on reporting about this — but better late than never. Also, this gives us time to look at all the photos and videos while bringing it up again a month later. Why? This is a reminder of why Tesla owners love their cars so much and reinforces the endeavors of a community that cares about their cars and their carbon impact.

Tesla owner Tesla Joy shared her video about it on her YouTube Channel, and yes, Marge was there with her Tesla Model S Plaid giving out test rides. Joy shared the first Tesla experience of one eventgoer, Bianca. Her first experience in a Tesla took place in a Tesla Model S Plaid. Tesla Raj was also there with them and broke out a little jig.

This event was so large that it made the local news. KSBY reported on the family-friendly event at the Modanna Inn in San Luis Obispo. Kelvin Gee, Vice President of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, shared some thoughts with KSBY.

“This is just a love note to all the Tesla fans in the community and the bringing together to celebrate Tesla and their mission to make this a better planet.”

DubMagazine was also at the event and noted that not only did the Tesla takeover showcase customized Tesla models, but there were also exhibitors, giveaways, food trucks, bounce houses for the kids, and so much more. Below are some tweets from the event.



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