US Nissan LEAF Sales Increase 118%, LEAF Holds #1 Spot In US Electric Car Sales

Following its market-leading position in January US electric car sales, the Nissan LEAF took #1 again in February. (Though, it was just a little above our estimate for Tesla Model S deliveries*, and if Tesla wasn’t supply-limited and shipping cars to Europe, it would likely have landed at #1.)

The top 6 models were actually exactly the same in February as they were in January. The Chevy Volt remained at #3, still taking a noticeable hit in sales from a combination of increasing competition and potential production bottlenecks. The Toyota Prius Plug-in remained at #4, the Ford Fusion Energi remained at #5, and the Ford C-Max Energi remained at #6. Congrats to Toyota and Ford for holding strong, which is likely a testament to their EV manufacturing approach, which is to have electric models share manufacturing lines with conventional sister models, allowing for easy ramping up or down of production as demand warrants.

The rest of the list isn’t really worth discussing, imho. It’s basically a bunch of compliance cars and a couple of high-end plug-in hybrid models.

US EV Sales 2014

Here are static images of some of the charts above for those of you who prefer static images over the interactive ones above:

February 2012 vs 2013 vs 2014 EV Sales

February 2014 US EV Sales

Feb 2014 US EV Sales

February 2014 YTD US EV Sales

Feb 2014 YTD US EV sales

*Tesla Model S deliveries are based on overall Tesla quarterly guidance, including expected deliveries to Europe.

8 thoughts on “US Nissan LEAF Sales Increase 118%, LEAF Holds #1 Spot In US Electric Car Sales

    1. Based on Tesla guidance for the quarter and a general estimate of the # that will go to Europe, based on statements by Elon Musk. I also go back and revise estimates as needed once quarter totals are finally in.

      But wish Tesla would just start sharing these numbers…

      1. Thanks and agree on them starting to share actual numbers. So when you say revise estimates at quarter end, what you are doing is tallying up country by country reported stats?

    1. Believe me, I wish I had them. Fiat won’t share. Some sites make estimates, but those are VERY rough estimates based on very limited information. I prefer not to make very rough estimates.

      That said, Fiat has basically said it is selling as few as possible. Head of Fiat not a fan of EVs. It’s a wonder the company created such an awesome one! Can’t wait until it is only logical for Fiat to sell the 500e more broadly.

      1. Such a shame! For me its the second coolest EV out there (obviously the ultimate remains the model S). Seriously considering leasing one just to try it out as a second car…

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