UK Nissan LEAF Sales Boomed In 2015

Nissan LEAF sales in the UK continued their fast rise last year — with 5,236 registrations of the popular electric vehicle being reported in 2015.

That means that Nissan LEAF sales in the UK rose roughly 29% in 2015 — as compared to 2014’s sales of the all-electric (EV) car.

Nissan leaf

According to company reps from Nissan, that means that the LEAF outsold other all-electric vehicles in the UK in 2015 by a more than 2-to-1 margin. The Nissan LEAF has now been the top-selling all-electric vehicle in the UK for the last 4 years — a winning streak that looks likely to continue for at least one or two more years.

“This record year for Nissan highlights once again the importance of our investment in the UK and commitment to electric vehicles,” stated James Wright, Nissan Motor GB Managing Director. “We’re proud to be leading the industry when it comes to 100% electric vehicles and with our new longer range LEAF and e-NV200 there are options available to everyone.”

Also worth noting here is that Nissan’s partnership with the renewable energy electricity supplier/utility company Ecotricity has been going well, and that EV charging stations are now spread across over 95% of the UK’s highway (motorway) system.

Given that it’s not yet entirely clear what GM’s plans are concerning a possible launch of the Chevy Bolt in the UK market — and also that Tesla’s Model 3 is still a while off from a UK launch (and hasn’t even been officially unveiled yet) — there’s a real possibility that the LEAF may be able to hold onto its top position for quite a while longer. This in spite of the fact that Nissan’s really been dragging its feet with regard to range increases — which is, I guess, something less of an issue in a place as compact as the UK.

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