Tesla Model Xs Recognize Each Other, Model 3 Or Model Y Will Have Falcon-Wing Doors, & Other Elon Tweets

As tends to happen with any Tesla announcement, the media has gone a little loopy after the unveiling of the Model X. A lot of mainstream media reporters simply don’t understand some things or get their “facts” all jumbled in epic Fox News style (but inadvertently… rather than part of a massive evil plan). Tesla enthusiasts get loopy as well, of course, jumping into speculation land as they try to connect the dots.

And then Elon comes to the rescue on Twitter.

About an hour ago, Elon started sending tweets out to clarify things and then also to answer questions. Below are almost all of those tweets, preceded by subheadings and extra text that spell things out in non-Twitter language and adds a bit of context.

Tesla Model Xs Recognize Each Other

Tesla Model X SUVs will recognize each other when parked next to each other in order to prevent the falcon-wing doors from opening into each other. (Suweet!) I think I first saw concern about such situations in comments under one of our articles, or maybe over on the Tesla Motors Club forum. This is the super-cool sci-fi solution I was hoping for but cautiously assuming wasn’t the real-world story. Thanks to our friend Brian Henderson for asking about this, and an obvious thanks to Elon for answering!


Lower-Range Model X Will Be Built… Someday

One of the hottest topics of concern and speculation has been whether or not Tesla will offer a lower-range Model X using a 70 kWh battery, or something similar — rather than just the 90D and P90D versions currently rated by the EPA. It seemed that was confirmed when Elon recently tweeted that lower-cost versions were planned, but it wasn’t super explicit (what size battery? when?). We still don’t have all the details, but it seems the details aren’t worked out yet. What we do now know is that it will be ~70 kWh (“something like a 70”) and the estimated time of arrival is ~12 months from now.

We won’t start talking about “Tesla time” and all of that, but ~12 months is perhaps when long-term X reservations will finally be under control a bit (there are currently ~30,000), so perhaps Tesla is just holding off until these higher-priced, higher-margin Xs are not in such high demand. Or perhaps Tesla wants to achieve some battery improvements before rolling these Xs out. Anyhow, here’s the tweet:



Falcon-Wing Doors For The Masses!

While the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are record-shattering electric sedans and SUVs for the 1% or so, Tesla’s/Elon’s chief aim for years has been to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the board, and the cornerstone of that effort is an affordable Tesla Model 3 (~$35,000 before any incentives). The base architecture of the Tesla Model 3 will also be used for a crossover version (like the Model X is a crossover/SUV version of the Model S). We’ve long known that Tesla trademarked Model Y and Model E as well as Model S & Model X (read: S-E-X-Y) but then had to drop Model E because of a lawsuit threat from Ford (the “3” Model 3 will actually be written like an E to solve that existential problem — see this as an example), but I don’t recall Elon stating that this crossover version of the Model 3 would be the Model Y (maybe I missed or forgot it).

Annnnyyyyhow, the awesome news is that Elon/Tesla is planning to use the Model X’s wicked falcon-wing doors in either the Model 3 or Model Y. Yoohoo!!


The Wings Will Keep You Dry

Speaking of those falcon wings, a concern that people continuously bring up is, “but, but… what about rain?” (Btw, the concern comes in various forms, which is why I kept my fake quote super general.) When it comes to getting in or out with those falcon-wing doors, have no fear, the rain will not eat you. Check this out:

“Upper interior trim has hydrophobic coating.” Come on, Elon — you know you are just talking like that to make the girls’ knees chatter! Damn sexy with all those fancy si-ins words, eh?

Speaking Of…

When responding to someone’s smartass/playful comment about how the driver can get out in super tight parking spaces, believe it or not, Elon had an answer:

Raise your hand if you’ve used the word “chamfered” in the past 12 months (engineers, this request is not for you).

Poor ladies….

Storage In Doors Lives!

One thing many people don’t like about the Model S (and others like, of course) is that there aren’t many pockets — in the doors, between the seats, etc — for sticking things like papers, tablets, pens, phones, and so on. A Ruairí McGowan asked about storage in the Model X, and Elon had another positive answer — storage lives again!


The Roof Can Be Used

I believe this has been mentioned previously on a conference call, but Elon mentioned it again and provided some extra detail. The tweet covers the bases:

The Bioweapons Defense Filter

I’m not sure why Elon tweeted this, since it’s just a reiteration of what I presented the other night, but I assume it’s in response to a lame media statement that tried to somehow “prove Elon wrong” (note: unless it’s in reference to timelines, it’s probably not a good idea to attempt that to anyone but the daft chap in your head… you know the guy).

As quickly as he came, he disappeared again. Sir Elon will rise again, either on the wings of a falcon or the wings of a Twitter bird. Just keep your eyes peeled, and believe in Tesla magic.

And by the way, Elon is 6’2″, not the 5’11” or 6’0″ Google variously puts him at. Must be Larry Page playing a joke or something. 😉

9 thoughts on “Tesla Model Xs Recognize Each Other, Model 3 Or Model Y Will Have Falcon-Wing Doors, & Other Elon Tweets

  1. Mmm, I’d definitely get a model 3 with falcon wings.

    Unless Model Y is going to be the flying car we were promised by 2000. Then I’d get that.

  2. Can someone tweet elon and tell him these are the sorts of things to exemplify in the next presentation.. waterproof interior, can store things when opened in the fwd, can even use a roofrack and tow, 2nd row seats dont fold but still fits more storage than any suv in its class, usb in back seat and front, hot and cold seats and drink holders, umbrella doors to keep you dry when buckling kids or grabbing groceries.. not 3 minutes on air filter and 11 on crumple zones. Say its 3 times safer than any car show its over 5 stars in every way and move on. And of course still mention range accelaration and autopilot too

  3. Somebody please tell me the doors are not adding too much to price. And that they’ll be reliable 10 – 15 years later. I really like simple rather than cool for things like doors. And hope they’ll open in my garage cause I simply must have one.

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