2016 BMW i3 Getting 3 New Colors, Losing 3 As Well….

Those purchasing a 2016 BMW i3 will have the option of getting the well-regarded electric vehicle (EV) in 3 new colors — Fluid Black, Mineral Grey, and Platinum Silver — according to recent reports.

Of course, the German company is also getting rid of 3 old colors — so there will still only be 6 color options available to new buyers. The very distinct orange color is still available, for those wondering…

BMW i3 colors

Myself, I do have to wonder why BMW seems set on not selling the vehicle in standard car colors? Or, for that matter, why the company seems set on selling as many orange EVs as possible? One has to wonder…. [Editor note: agreed.]

The 3 previously available colors that are being eliminated are: Laurel Grey, Arravani Grey, and Andesite Silver. So, 3 shades of grey/silver. The addition of a “black” color is, I admit, a good step in the right direction, but why no blues, reds, or greens?

The Electric BMW i3 blogspot provides more:

The pessimist may say, “It’s still only available in Solar Orange, and fifty shades of grey,” and while they wouldn’t be entirely incorrect in saying so, I think the changes are an improvement over what was previously offered.

The best addition in my opinion is the new Fluid Black. I had the opportunity to see a Fluid Black i3 in person earlier in the year and I was instantly sold. I believe this is going to be the top selling i3 color in 2016, and I would have ordered my car with it if it were available in 2014. The original Capparis White, Ionic Silver, and Solar Orange remain available.

The changes are really not too dramatic, but do make sense. The two least popular colors, Arravani Grey and Andesite Silver have been dropped, along with the very popular Laurel Grey. Andesite Silver was replaced with what appears to be (in pictures at least) a very similar, Platinum Silver. Arravani and Laurel Grey have been replaced with a single grey color option called Mineral Grey. From the pictures, it looks like it’s a combination of the two previously offered grey colors. It’s lighter than Laurel Grey was, closer to what Arravani Grey looked like, but it’s metallic like Laurel Grey.

Fascinating… Not to hammer on the same point too repetitively, but really, why no blues, greens, or reds? I don’t get it.

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