Tesla Model S Design Updated In Tesla Design Studio — New Nose Looks Hot

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Update: The Model S design studio is now updated with pics of the fresh Model S design as well.

Tesla Model S new nose

It’s not clear if the leaked photos of the new Model S this morning were planned or not but one thing is clear: the cat is out of the bag. A barrage of media assaulted Tesla with requests for updates after the initial leak, and the floodgates have opened up, with new details surfacing what seems like every few minutes.

The latest update includes the official, high-resolution photos of the new Model S, which we’ve captured for you below. The biggest feature on the updated Tesla is the front fascia, which now resembles the Model X. Less obvious but likely more important to the function of the car is a new pair of beams … er … headlights. The new design does away with the projector lenses that defined the previous generation and introduces the much-anticipated LED headlights.

Closeup of the April 2016 Model S front end
Here’s the rundown of everything we know about the new Model S:
  • New front fascia that resembles that of the Model X. It seems like Model S was getting lonely now that the new kid on the block, the Model 3, came out of hiding and stole the spotlight.
  • Adaptive LED headlights that are styled similarly to the Model X and Model 3. From Tesla: “Model S now features full LED adaptive headlamps. Besides enhancing the already great styling, they also boost safety: 14 three-position LED dynamic turning lights improve visibility at night, especially on winding roads.” Adaptive headlights were a gap vs other premium vehicles, and with this update, Tesla again leaps to the front of the pack with a cutting-edge pair of beams.
  • Biohazard defense mode HEPA filteration for cabin air system. As with the X, this will likely still be an option (bummer) but brings this great innovation from the X back to the S. Adding HEPA filtration not only improves the quality of cabin air but Tesla also estimates that it will literally extend your life by filtering out all of the pollution from the cars around you. Finally, HEPA filtration is fantastic for people with allergies, as it removes allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants.


  • On-board Charger Upgrade from 40 amps to 48 amps, which increases the amount of juice it can sip up by 20%.
  • 2 Interior Accent Choices have been added. It seems like an odd addition to the otherwise exciting lineup of new features but maybe customers have been asking for more options? Either way, there are two new options for the interior accents in the new Model S: Figured Ash Wood and Dark Ash Wood.


  • Updated range estimates for the 90kWh battery sizes. These were previously based on the 85kWh ratings but have now been updated to a staggering 294 miles of EPA rated range on the 90D.

Check out the official photos below and revel in all the high-def goodness of the new Model S … or head over to the newly updated Model S page to configure your very own Model S. Enjoy!

Model_S_Profile Model_S_Rear_34 Model_S_Front_34

Images courtesy Tesla Motors

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