Tesla Easter Egg Brings The Psychedelic Cowbell Road

Not enough “psychedelic cowbell road” in your Tesla Model S or Model X? Elon Musk has you covered…

Following the earlier Easter Eggs hidden in earlier Tesla operating systems allowing owners to pretend that they’re in James Bond’s Lotus Esprit car-submarine (which Musk apparently actually owns), or to learn the “meaning of life”, it seems that owners can now enjoy going on a psychedelic trip driving. Even though that’s maybe not the best idea…

Activating the new Easter Egg is apparently pretty simple — just activate Autopilot (pull on the cruise control stalk) 4 times in quick succession. Here’s a video showing how for those that prefer visual learning:

It appears that no one was able to figure this one out themselves as Elon Musk was seemingly the first to reveal the new Easter Egg himself (or maybe he’s just impatient, and didn’t want to wait).

Just another example of the way that Tesla is serving as an innovator and iconoclast in the auto-industry… Presumably Nissan, BMW, and Toyota, will follow suit once they release Model 3 competitors.

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2 thoughts on “Tesla Easter Egg Brings The Psychedelic Cowbell Road

  1. Cowbell Road 4 Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Rock on Tesla

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