New Tesla Easter Egg — The Secret Of Life… The Universe… And.. Umm.. Everything

Yet another “Easter Egg” for the Tesla Model S user interface has been discovered by owners of the electric sedan — this time the easter egg in question allows owners to unlock a reference to the cult hit The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

To be specific here, the reference in question concerns a “what is the meaning of life?” query posed to a super-intelligent computer in the story. Humorously, after an enormous amount of time calculating the answer, during which whole populations of people wait impatiently, the computer answers that the meaning of life is the number 42.


“The answer to the ultimate question of life… the universe… and everything… is… 42.”

Makes sense. How else would someone expect a computer to answer a question like that? It is, after all, ultimately a question of “values.”

Anyways, back to the newly uncovered easter egg — those looking for a guide to the process of unlocking it, may appreciate the video below:

A quick rundown for those not wanting to, or able to, watch the above video: tap the “T” at the home screen to bring up the “About Your Tesla” menu; tap the name of your vehicle, and change the name to “42;” and, voila, enjoy the humor!

(Thanks to “m2140” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for finding this. It’s appreciated!)

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