Buying A Tesla, Chrysler Plug-In Minivan, & More (Cleantech Talk #18)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. For Cleantech Talk #18, Matthew, Kyle, and I talked about the Tesla buying experience and “Tesla dealerships,” the planned Chrysler plug-in hybrid electric minivan, and a 1 GW Quebec-to-Vermont HVDC interconnection (as well as the […]

Crazy Story Involving A Buyer, An Inventory Car, & Elon Musk Suggests That Tesla Has Some Work To Do On Customer Service…

While most Tesla owners have reported that the purchase process is a rather enjoyable one (especially as compared to typical car dealership experiences…), that assessment obviously isn’t universal. On that note… There’s a story going viral […]

Tesla CPO Site Has 7 Teslas Under $49,000 Right Now

Kyle’s article the other day about buying a CPO Tesla, and comments about friends and/or family not realizing how cheaply you could get a CPO Tesla Model S, made me run with a piece I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I’ve […]

Used BMW i3, Tesla Model S, & Nissan LEAF — Lowest Prices At The Moment

With the electric car market maturing, the used electric car market is opening up. I’ve got some used electric car searches that I refresh on a daily basis (or several times a day) to keep an eye […]