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Bollinger Motors Unveils Chassis For Electric Sport Utility Truck

The electric truck startup Bollinger Motors has now revealed some basic information (and images) of the chassis structure that will be used for its all-electric sport utility truck, a few months ahead of the planned unveiling of the truck in New York (sometime this summer). The chassis to be used is apparently made entirely of […]

April 13th

Overview Of State + Local EV Policy Initiatives From Section 177 States

Section 177 states are US states which have adopted and placed into effect California requirements under authority of Section 177 of the Clean Air Act. To explain in simple terms, Section 177 states are a group of states which adhere to stricter standards than others with regard to vehicles and auto manufacturers. An email recently […]

June 15th

1st Purchase & Lease Offers For 2017 Chevy Volt Now Available

A number of car dealers around the country have begun to receive the first 2017 Chevy Volts, paving the way for the nationwide release of the model year (the 2016 model year wasn’t widely available), according to recent reports. In support of the launch, GM has now issued its first purchase and lease offers on […]

February 28th

BMW & Nissan Partnering For EV Fast Charging Station Deployment

Two of the top electric vehicle manufacturers out there currently, Nissan and BMW, have partnered to further develop charging infrastructure in the US, according to a recent press release. The partnership has already partnered on 120 new dual-port 50-kilowatt (kW) DC fast-charging stations, implemented in 19 different states. All of these are Greenlots-networked charging stations featuring both […]

December 22nd

UK Signs Up For New Initiative To Make All New Cars, Buses, & Vans Electric By 2050

The UK government has agreed to work towards the goal of ensuring that all new cars, buses, and vans sold in 2050 are electrics as part of a new initiative that’s being supported by Norway, Holland, and Germany as well, according to recent reports. These national commitments to the new initiative were accompanied by regional […]

December 10th

New York Mayor: City Will Deploy Vast EV Fleet By 2025

New York City is now set to be home to a “vast” municipal fleet of electric vehicles by the year 2025, going by recent statements made by the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio. The new plan directly calls for the replacement of significant numbers of municipal gas- and diesel-powered vehicles with electrics. If followed, this could […]

December 9th

Solar Cars Save Money

Originally published on Clean Power Research. By Gavin Novotny Is it possible to save more money by combining an electric vehicle (EV) with a home solar PV system rather than considering each individually? Often the answer is yes, and the additional savings can be substantial. To help energy consumers answer that question, residents of New […]

December 8th

Top EV Cities In US — 10 Charts

Some of the factors contributing to the relatively fast adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in some American metropolitan markets have been identified and characterized by a new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). The dominant ones, according to the new report, are: stronger consumer incentives, a broader range of offerings, stronger promotional […]

August 8th

BMW i3 Proves More Popular Outside Of Urban Areas

In launching and marketing the BMW i3, executives commonly referred to the electric vehicle as an urban mobility vehicle meant for transporting city folk to and from their destinations within the 82-mile driving range. However, the inclusion of a gas-powered range-extender that effectively doubles that i3’s driving range has made it a big hit outside […]

67 Organizations Push Northeastern & Mid-Atlantic Governors & Governors-Elect To Promote Electric Cars

A diverse group of organizations, 67 in total, are putting peer pressure on the governors of 11 states to advance electric car adoption. Why would they do that? Oh, you know, electric cars don’t emit any air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions, are cleaner even on a lifecycle basis, create US jobs, reduce our dependence on oil […]

December 20th

Public Transit Accessibility Growing In America

For the last 50 years, Americans have watched their public transit systems dismantled in favor of an over-reliance on personal automobiles. But high gas prices and Millennial’s mass exodus from the suburbs to the cities has given public transit a shot in the arm. The first decade of the millennium has seen particularly positive growth […]

Spark EV Being Offered Outside California, Oregon?

Sales of the Chevy Spark EV were initially limited to just California and Oregon, but Chevy dealers as far east as Connecticut are showing Spark EVs in stock. Is GM quietly rolling out the Spark EV nationwide, or is this some inter-dealer swapping shenanigans? Hybrid Cars reports that at least four Chevy dealers in Ohio show the […]

BYD & New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Complete Successful Pilot Of BYD All-Electric Bus

Adding on to other successful pilots of BYD’s battery-electric bus, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) just completed a successful pilot of the BYD bus. This electric bus from BYD reportedly has a range of 140–155 miles on a single charge, and it is supposed to retain 80% of its battery capacity after 12 years. Not […]

January 13th