Schlumberger New Energy Venture to Launch a Lithium Extraction Pilot Plant in Nevada

NeoLith Energy’s differentiated direct lithium extraction process aims to enable a sustainable, efficient, and flexible lithium production ecosystem. HOUSTON, March 18, 2021—Schlumberger New Energy announced today the development of a lithium extraction pilot plant through its […]

New Report To Quantify The Benefits Of Driving On Electricity In Nevada

[CARSON CITY, NV] – Nevadans can save more than $14 billion through 2050 by moving from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs), according to a report released today. EVs can also reduce air pollution, providing an additional […]

Tesla Close To Testing Self-Driving Semi Truck, Going By Emails Between Tesla & Nevada DMV

Tesla is getting closer to the point of testing a long-haul, self-driving electric semi truck, going by recent emails between the company and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles that Reuters reported on. How much closer? […]