Gigafactory Interior + Datacenter Under Construction

Work on the interior of the Tesla Gigafactory, and also an onsite data center, is apparently well under way at this point — going by permit records for the project recently uncovered by a local news outlet. Amongst work permitted in recent months at the site was a $10 million project for “architectural interiors,” which started in August and is expected to finish up by February.

In addition to that permit, there was a $12.92 million approved permit for mezzanine steel + concrete work; a permit for the construction of a datacenter (which began in September); and others.


Considering that Tesla is currently planning for the pilot facility (which is supposed to comprise roughly a fourth of the completed Gigafactory) to begin producing cells in the early part of 2016, and that CEO Elon Musk recently announced the receipt of a temporary occupancy certificate, things seem to be running on schedule so far.

Here’s more via the Reno-Gazette Journal:

All in all, Tesla applied for nearly as many permits in the last four months — more than 20 — as it did in its first year since ground work commenced on its Tahoe Reno Industrial Center site in May 2014. Those permits include work for:

  • mechanical piping at $7 million
  • phase one roofing at $4.5 million
  • exterior building walls at $3 million
  • electrical switchyard at $2 million
  • exterior hardscapes at $ 1 million

Total cost for the latest projects started in the last four months was more than $45 million. Tesla also recently acquired its own contractors license and has stopped naming its subcontractors on its permits. Instead, it has been listing itself as the contractor in its permit applications.

Interesting. Things are really starting to heat up for Tesla — those of us with an interest in the processes of the business world will no doubt be enjoying the next few years as we get to watch Tesla’s plans unfold, assuming it does continue to unfold, of course.

Upcoming milestones, in that regard, include: the official unveiling of the Model 3 early next year; the aforementioned beginning of occupancy at the pilot facility at the Gigafactory; and the beginning of energy storage (Powerwall, Powerpack, etc) sales.

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