Volkswagen first Chinese electric vehicle platform nearing release

Volkswagen EV Release Approaches Pictures of Volkswagen’s first Chinese electric vehicle built via its joint venture with JAC recently surfaced from patent filings. The vehicle looks very similar to the iEV7S, with some minor cosmetic changes. […]

Volkswagen AG partners with JAC for $12 Billion Chinese electric car push

Volkswagen $12 Billion investment Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen has outlined its electric vehicle investments in China with an announcement of investment of $12 billion over the next 7 years with its Chinese joint venture partner JAC (Anhui […]

Samsung SDI Agrees To Supply JAC Motors With Cylindrical EV Batteries

Samsung SDI will reportedly supply JAC Motors with the batteries used in the electric iEV6S SUV — recently unveiled at the 2015 Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition. As the JAC Motors iEV6S will be […]

US & Chinese Companies Team Up To Build 5-Passenger, All-Electric EV Assembled In US

Here’s an interesting announcement from Shanghai, but partly from a US EV company. Like with CODA, the effort seems to target delivering a relatively cheap and “somewhat made in America” all-electric car. But the question is whether or not […]