Ford ‘Charge Angels’, Battery Safety, Autonomous Safety Report by AAA, & Automobile Recycling

Investments, Batteries, the High-Power Battery Company Secures $50 Million Investment Commitment From GEM Startup Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) this week announced two new battery partnerships. Startup AmpleAims To Revive Vision of Large Scale EV Battery […]

Electrify America Announces $200 Million Additional Investment

 Emission Vehicle Infrastructure and Education in California; Reveals Long Beach-Wilmington Community as Second “Green City” Investment The company plans to invest $25 million in the Long Beach-Wilmington area “Green City” initiative; $200 million California ZEV Investment […]

Elon Musk recommends asking 4 simple questions to achieve breakthrough innovation

by Matt Pressman The Wall Street Journal spent some time recently with Elon Musk. What transpired turned out to be a surprising (and often fascinating) interview. That said, most post-interview buzz only highlighted one thing: Elon’s move from California to Texas. Big news, granted, […]

EU Law Against Greenwashing Approved by European Parliament

The European Parliament has approved the much debated, and long awaited, Taxonomy Regulation that will determine which financial investments can be labelled environmentally sustainable. Green transport group Transport & Environment (T&E) said the EU green ‘taxonomy’ […]

Tomahawk Will Be World’s First Electric 4 Passenger Sports Car

The Tomahawk is a gorgeous new electric sports car. But the Tomahawk has something no other car offers: individuals can invest right along with the founders, giving them an equity stake in the company before its planned IPO. To date, more than 800 people have taken advantage of that opportunity. Are you next?