180 HP, 180 E-Motion, THE WORLD’S FASTEST Electric Outboard Boat Motor.

Vision Marine Technologies, the first electric boating company to be publicly listed (NASDAQ: VMAR), is launching their 180 HP, 180 E-Motion tomorrow, THE WORLD’S FASTEST electric outboard boat motor.

The 180 E-Motion is a high-powered, technologically advanced electric outboard motor that is zero-emission and can propel boats up to 60mph, a first for electric boating. The outboard motor industry currently at $4.3 Billion is forecast to exceed $17 billion in revenue by 2025!


Electric boating has more benefits than just low CO2 emissions.

Vision Marine engines outlast ICE with much lower maintenance and fueling costs. Noise pollution from ICE is harming people and wildlife. If you’ve ever been on a powerboat you know that they are NOISY. The electric engine is silent, giving riders a much more relaxing ride. Maritime pollution is often overlooked compared to air or road traffic but the effects of maritime pollution suggest it is a greater priority, the damage is that disastrous.


Venice, Amsterdam and local communities around the world are banning internal combustion engine boats.
Commercial applications will see significant growth in the outboard engines market owing to rising coastal tourism across the globe. Development of high-powered motors will further enhanced usage of these motors in tourist boats. Additionally, rising boat renting activities for family tour will escalate the product demand over the projected timeframe of 2025.
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The outboard motor is being added to Vision Marine’s suite of 5 styles of motorboats outfitted with all-electric motors and are catching on quickly with celebrities such as Drake and Robert De Niro, both of which use their boats. Vision Marine boats were used by Greta Thunberg to promote green energy on her trip to California.




CEO Alex Mongeon is a former speed boat racer who had a chance meeting with Olympian Ian Bruce. Together they created an environmentally friendly and powerful boating option. Alex is available to comment on the emerging electric boat market and Vision Marine’s technology. Mongeon has over 25 years of extensive experience in the Boating industry with a background in electricity.


Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, is the only electric boat manufacturer to use lithium and also the only electric boat company to offer long duration warranty and high technology products.

In 1995, Vision Marine Technologies (formerly known as the Canadian Electric Boat Company) took a green turn with the help of two brilliant naval architects. Vision Marine Technologies is proud to be a pioneer and the only high-performance electric boat manufacturer in North America. With the technological advances of recent years, it is now possible for consumers to purchase reliable and efficient electric boats. Just like the technological advancements of the car industry, electric boat technology now meets high standards of autonomy while offering unprecedented performance. The propulsion of 100% electric watercrafts is a concept already explored for more than 120 years now

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